Our Services

Medication Therapy Management

At Brick City Drugs we want to make sure our patients medication plan is best for them. We can do this by working with you and your provider to best manage your medication plan. We have the ability to have face to face meetings in our consultation room to make sure you are taking the right medications and are aware of the things you are taking. Your health is our priority, and we will take the time to work with you and educate you so that you can have the healthiest life possible.


Tired of having to make weekly trips to the pharmacy? Synchronizing all of your medications allows you to pick-up your medications at Brick City Drugs on a single, convenient day each month. Even though we love seeing you, we know that life is busy and multiple trips to the pharmacy isn’t always convenient. Synchronization allows you to have more time to do the things you want to do, and it allows our pharmacists to provide monthly check-in calls before you arrive.

Immunizations & Vaccinations

Our pharmacists are certified by the American Pharmacists Association to provide immunizations such as annual influenza, pneumoccal (Pneumovax®, Prevnar®), shingles (Zostavax®) and others. You do not need an appointment and we accept all major insurance plans and can bill your insurance provider or Medicare Part B directly for the cost of the drug.

Online & App Refills

Download our app to your mobile device so you can easily refill your medications, set reminders or contact us about our health needs.

Insurance Plans and Charge Accounts

Brick City Drugs accepts most major health insurance plans. We also offer charge accounts to qualifying patients. Give us a call and make the switch and allow Brick City Drugs to be your pharmacy home.

Drive-thru Window & Delivery Service

We understand that your time is valuable and at Brick City Drugs we aim to provide you with timely service and excellent customer service. Sometimes coming in just doesn’t fit your schedule so we encourage you to use our drive-thru whenever you need to. Our drive-thru is open during all business hours.

Sometimes getting out of the house can be a burden, so let us bring your medications to you. Please call or stop by and ask us about our delivery service. We want to make sure you receive your medications in the way that is most convenient to you.

***Delivery Fees Apply***

Private Consultation Room

Brick City Drugs promises to keep your medical information private. One avenue we use to do that is our private consultation room. We understand the importance of privacy and we want to make sure you feel comfortable as you consult with our pharmacists about your health related matters.