What kind of pharmacy are you?

We are the kind of pharmacy that has been missing from your life! We are a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy, which means the people making the decisions are the people that reside right here in the same great city of Madison as you! We take care of your pharmacy needs the way they should be taken care of, and we go the extra mile to service your needs and treat you like family.

When can I come by?

We will be open Monday through Friday 9:00AM – 6:30PM and Saturday 9:00AM – 1:00PM. We take the Sabbath off to rest and be with family.

My Copays are going to be more expensive there aren’t they?

Of course not! Your co-pay will stay the same as it was at any other pharmacy. We don’t set your co-pays, your insurance company does. It may vary depending on if you have a deductible and what kind of medication you are receiving, so to get the best answer about your co-pays, call your insurance provider directly to get an accurate quote for your medications.

Will you accept my insurance?

You better believe we will. We are contracted with all major insurance providers.

What do I miss out on by choosing you and not a big box chain?

You don’t miss out on anything, and in fact, you gain more by using us. Remember, the ones making the rules at Brick City Drugs live here in Madison, and we are passionate about patient care, bringing the lowest prices on medications, and providing superior service to you. Sometimes things take time to see a change, but at Brick City Drugs, you will see the difference right away!

I’m convinced so how do I make the change to Brick City Drugs?

We are glad you asked! Did you know you can tell your doctor where you want your prescriptions filled? All you have to do is tell your physician to please send your prescriptions to Brick City Drugs, or if you need a refill done then you can refill the prescription online here or with our app Android or Apple. You can also give us a call at 769.231.1400 or drop by, we’d love to talk!